Saturday January 16th 2021

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Price: 9.99

AniMagic Make Me Better Pets

Make me Better Pets are in need of all your love and care to nurse them back to health. Hear puppy and kitten whimper when they are poorly and stroke their backs to make them better! Each pet comes wi...

Price: 9.99

AniMagic Rescue Hospital Scooter

Be the first on the scene with the AniMagic Rescue Scooter, equipped with a compact treatment area to tackle emergencies on the move. With the caring vet, help the kitten and make the injury magically...

Price: 14.99

AniMagic Rescue Hospital Emergency Jeep

The rugged Emergency 4 x 4 can go anywhere to rescue injured animals before taking them back to the hospital to make them better. Help the dog and make the injury magically disappear. Includes 4 x 4, ...

Price: 19.99

AniMagic Rescue Hospital Air Ambulance

Help your animals to safety with the Rescue Hospital Air Ambulance. Use the winch to carry the horse and her two ponies safely into the helicopter where you can make them better on the treatment table...

Price: 19.99

AniMagic Sparkle My Glowing Kitty

Hi, my names Sparkle and I am the fluffy white kitten who loves to be stroked. Watch my pretty bow light up different colours and hear me meow and purr happily. One supplied. Size H23, W20, D15cm. Bat...

Price: 29.99

AniMagic Tickle Tummy Tilly

My names Tilly and I loved to be tickled. When you lay me on my back and tickle my tummy my front legs move excitedly. Turn me over onto my tummy to watch my tail wag and hear me bark. One supplied. S...

Price: 23.99

AniMagic Tessie and Fluffy Soft Toy Assortment

With this AniMagic assortment, choose from Tessie the adorable pony and Fluffy the cute pooch. Take Fluffy and her lead and go walkies or put Tessie on her lead and watch her strut her stuff! Their le...



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