Saturday January 23rd 2021

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Ease of Living

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Price: 59.99

Ease of Living Handy Trolley with 2 Detachable Trays

This lightweight, sturdy trolley has two easy clean, detachable plastic trays. It's handy for transporting drinks or meals from one room to another. The bottom tray is set forward for safe and easy wa...

Price: 22.99

Ease of Living Adjustable Bed Backrest with Pillow

Enjoy reading a book or watching the TV in bed comfortably with this adjustable bed backrest. It can adjust to five positions and is a quick and simple way to help you sit up in bed. Steel frame with ...

Price: 24.99

Ease of Living Adjustable Bath Seat Board

This comfortable contoured seat features drainage holes and a soap holder. It has adjustable feet that fit to the sides of the bath for extra security. It's both easy to fit and remove. Max user weigh...

Price: 99.99

Lightweight Adjustable Walking Rollator - 4 Wheels

This lightweight aluminium adjustable walking frame has easy-grip handles and loop brakes. It's suitable for use indoor and outdoor. Features a comfortable curved backrest, 7 inch solid tyres, anatomi...

Price: 89.99

Lightweight Adjustable Tri-Walker Walking Frame with Basket

This lightweight aluminium walking frame has height-adjustable handles so you can adjust it to the perfect height for you. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and includes loop lock brakes, a black...

Price: 16.99

Ease of Living Wedge Coccyx Cushion

This coccyx cushion helps relieve pressure and back pain by suspending your coccyx over the cut out section. The wedge design helps tilt the pelvis slightly forward to restore the natural curve of the...

Price: 36.99

Ease of Living Adjustable Overbed Table with Tilt Facility

This adjustable overbed table is ideal for use around the home and will even fit under a divan bed. It is also suitable for wheelchair users. It features a tilt facility so you don't have to strain to...

Price: 24.99

Ease of Living Raised Toilet Seat with Lid

This raised toilet seat with lid is ideal for the heavier user with lightweight construction for strength and durability. A hygienic cut out provides maximum convenience and is designed for use with a...

Price: 16.99

12 Inch Grab Rails - Pack of 3

These rounded easy-grip grab rails will help provide you with extra support in the bathroom or around the home. They can be easily fitted to a wall at the perfect height and angle to give you the supp...

Price: 319.99

Ease of Living Deluxe Aluminium Self Propelled Wheelchair

This deluxe aluminium self-propelled wheelchair features puncture-proof tyres, anti-tip wheels, easy clean upholstery, a padded seat, and padded backrest. It also folds away easily for convenient tran...

Price: 199.99

Ease of Living Lightweight Aluminium Transit Wheelchair

This lightweight aluminium transit wheelchair features easy clean upholstery and a folding backrest. It folds away easily for convenient transportation and storage. Folds for transportation and storag...

Price: 199.99

Lightweight Aluminium Self Propelled Wheelchair

This lightweight aluminium self-propelled wheelchair features easy clean upholstery, folding backrest, and removable leg rest. A fantastic buy, this wheelchair folds away easily for convenient transpo...

Price: 16.99

Ease of Living Suction Plastic Safety Grips - Pack of 2

These two suction grab handles each have a lock indicator. They can be fitted in minutes to help support you when getting into and out of the bath or shower. They are removable without tools or profes...

Price: 29.99

Ease of Living Lightweight Adjustable Folding Walking Frame

For both indoor and outdoor use, this lightweight adjustable walking frame has an excellent folding mechanism which can be operated by fingers, palms or the side of the hand. The legs have ferrule tip...

Price: 24.99

Ease of Living Adjustable Forearm Crutches

These adjustable forearm crutches will get you back on the move after a bone break or strain. The tip of the crutch aligns with the hand and shoulder for improved balance and a reduction in hand and w...




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