Saturday May 8th 2021

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Price: 9.99

Boon Scrubble Bath Toys

Kids can fill each bulb with water, squeeze it out or scrub with the fun textured surface of the Boon Scrubble Bath Toys. The scrub bulbs are interchangeable so you can mix and match the colours. Fill...

Price: 11.99

Boon Modware Baby Untensils

Boon Modware Baby Untensils are great for toddlers who are not quite ready for adult cutlery. The soft, comfy grip is part of an overall ergonomic design that makes eating simple. There are no sharp e...

Price: 15.99

Boon Bubbles Baby Bathtime Toy

Bubbles: their only imperfection is a short life span. Until now. These bubbles don't pop! Stick these bubble suction cups on each other and bathtub, just like building blocks for the tub! Suction cup...

Price: 9.99

Boon Trunk Baby Snack Box

Sometimes stomachs rumble in the jungle, so pack their snacks into Trunk's tidy compartments. The removable lid keeps food fresh and is easy to clean. Load it up, grab the tail, and go on safari, or t...

Price: 27.99

Boon Whale Pod Bath Toy Organiser

An ocean of bath toys fit inside the Whale Pod so they can be easily stored and left to drip-dry. Kids love how it playfully scoops water. Parents love less bath time mess. It's removable scoop lets y...

Price: 22.99

Boon Lawn Baby's Bottle Drying Rack - Green

A fresh take on drying racks that looks great in any kitchen. From bottles to soothers, Lawn holds all your baby accessories as they air dry on the flexible blades that resemble real grass. Water drai...

Price: 11.99

Boon Baby Plates - Set of 3

Because food isn't meant to fly! - It may look like a Frisbee but here's why it won't act like one: our edgeless plate has an ingenious rubbery slip-resistant bottom, so your kitchen floor won't turn ...

Price: 59.99

Boon Glo Mains Operated Nightlight

This multi-coloured, interactive nightlight has removable, green illuminated Glo balls that turn night time into something extraordinary. Theres nothing electronic in them, so they don't get warm and ...

Price: 11.99

Boon Baby Platters - Set of 3

How come kids don't like food that touches? We have no idea but we solved the problem anyway. Platter has four nicely divided sections so food will never co-mingle (the horror!), plus it has a unique ...

Price: 16.99

Boon Mush Baby Food Blender

No need for batteries or plugs, just pull the handle to make the blades spin and start whipping up your own baby food. The compact design is great for travel and storing. Bowl and blade mechanism are ...

Price: 14.99

Boon Grass Drying Rack for Baby Feeding Accessories

A fresh take on drying racks that looks great in any kitchen. Water drains into the lower tray, where it's completely contained. Easily holds items upright and is perfect for drying items of all shape...

Price: 29.99

Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop

Frog Pod makes bath time clean-up fun and easy. Baby bath features: Removable scoop lets you gather and rinse toys, which helps prevent scum and mildew. The wall-mounted base, with built-in shelf, sto...

Price: 59.99

Boon Naked Bath - Tangerine

The sleek and smart Naked bath provides two support positions for newborn to toddler, and the collapsible design and hook make storing easy. Baby bath features: The simple, one piece design makes tran...



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